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Russie and Jeffrey Berger

Russie and Jeffrey Berger are proud parents of Ella ('25) and Orly ('29) and have been active members of the WDS community since they moved to Westchester in 2016. Jeffrey enjoys coming into the school to talk about science and the medical profession and get the children excited about opportunities that await them. When not volunteering on the WDS and WSD medical committee, Jeffrey directs the NYU Langone Center for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease. Together with other members of the medical committee, he works on strategies & school safety protocols to maximize in-person learning and safety. Jeffrey is excited to begin serving as a newly elected Board member for the Young Israel of Scarsdale. Russie serves as a substitute teacher and as a member of the Teacher Appreciation & Strategic Initiatives Committees. In 2019, Russie joined the WDS Board of Trustees and in 2021, the Executive Committee and enjoys working with the wonderful group of lay leaders on the Board to strengthen and improve the already incredible learning experience at WDS.  Drawing on her 10+ years as a Social-Organizational Psychologist and her 5+years in development and marketing for nonprofits, Russie volunteers at WDS to build deeper connections within the WDS community, across the larger Jewish community and to help all of the WDS kids impact the world at large.

Michelle and Gerald Cohen

Michelle and Gerald Cohen are the proud parents of Sophie (’21), Ethan (’24) and Zachary.  Michelle is the Chief People, Diversity and Professional Development Officer at Patterson Belknap. Gerald is a partner at Cohen & Fitch.  Michelle and Gerald have been active members of the WDS community for almost a decade.  Michelle has served on several committees, including the Liaison Committee, the Recruiting Committee, and the Strategic Initiatives Committee. She helped to develop the COVID arrival and dismissal procedures, and serves as the Secretary for the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees.  Michelle and Gerald have also been involved in many PTA and school-wide events.  They are also active in the Young Israel of New Rochelle.  Gerald is currently on the Board and helped spearhead the creation of the Sephardic Minyan; Michelle served as a co-chair of the Women’s League New Mother’s Committee.  They are incredibly grateful to the Westchester Day School administration and faculty for always meeting each of their children exactly where they are educationally and emotionally.

Alexandra and David Kahn

Alex and David Kahn are the extremely proud of parents of Eli (’21), Joey (’22) and Tzipi (’26) Kahn.  They fell in love with Westchester Day School when Eli began in Ganon, quickly followed by Joey and Tzipi.  Recognizing the pivotal role that the school played in the life of their family, they quickly got involved themselves.  Alex serves as a Trustee on the Board and is a member of the Fundraising, Recruitment, and Strategic Initiatives Committees. David can be spotted at sports games, numerous events, and occasionally on the carpool line. Alex and David are both active at the Hebrew Institute of White Plains where David served as president and currently chairs the fundraising committee.  Alex and David are grateful to the teachers and administrators at WDS who have all nurtured and championed their children.  Professionally, Alex serves as the Managing Director of the Caring Department at UJA-Federation of NY and David is a Vice President at SAP.

Mrs. Debbie Briks

I grew up in Queens, one of two children, in a traditional, Jewish home. After spending a summer living next door to a religious family, my brother decided to attend yeshiva, thus changing mine and my family’s level of observance and life, and which in turn, raised my awareness and love of being Jewish and my love for the land of Israel. From there my family’s involvement in all things Jewish expanded and landed me in camp Betar, a zionist organization, where I met my husband. It would have been our 50th anniversary this past August. Tzvi and I have 4 beautiful children; Michelle, married to Tim, Jessica, married to Michael, Jonathan, married to Shira and my nicU nurse, Rachel. I am blessed with four grandchildren; Ma’ayan, Kayla, Jace and Malka. I attended Queens College and received my BS in psychology and completed my Masters in Special education at Lehman College. I taught in the NYC schools, Israel and finally found my home at Westchester Day School, where I taught in the Learning Center before moving to first grade. It was one of my greatest pleasures to have taught the adorable children of first grade for 12 years. I relished every moment. I began teaching third grade reading and math and eventually joined the fabulous third grade team. I feel privileged to have been surrounded by my talented colleagues throughout the years, from whom I have learned so much, professionally and personally, as well as from my students, from the administration and my YIS community. I deeply believe in the importance of a Jewish education as a strong foundation by which children can build upon. I strongly believe this education needs to leave each student with having had a positive connection to Yahadut. I have enjoyed watching my students learn and grow in education, Torah and middot. I am so thankful that WDS has helped me turn my beliefs into reality. Thank you for this honor and thank you to my WDS family.

Morah Debby Epstein

I am a first generation American, the daughter of two physicians who escaped Europe through the DORSA program, as they were recruited to be the doctors for the Jewish settlement project in the Dominican Republic. They came to America after WWII, and eventually settled in Albany, NY. I was born and raised there, and also had my three beautiful children there- David- who is pursuing his PhD, Rachel- recently married to her wonderful husband, Steve, and Avi, who has 
given us our red-headed joy, our granddaughter, Rowen. My family and my teaching are my pride and joy- and I know that it can be confusing for outsiders, as I often call both my children and my students “my kids.” My husband, Henry, and I both went to Boston University for our undergraduate degrees, but we actually met on our junior year abroad program at Hebrew U. I also received a Masters from Tufts- with a thesis on Israel, of course!- and a dual Masters in education/ special ed from the College of New Rochelle. I have worked in many grades here at WDS, from Kindergarten , 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th, and have loved every moment! A special thank you goes out to each and every teacher I was privileged to work with! My students are my inspiration and my colleagues, the staff, parents and administration have provided me with support, guidance, and opportunities to grow, learn and expand in ways that I never dreamed possible. Thank you all for this honor, and for just being part of what makes this place not just a day school, but a community, a second home, the WDS family.

Mr. Jason Cury

Mr. Cury is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Life Monument Funds, Inc., and the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE). The Gruss Life Monument Funds provides annual funding of $15.0 million to more than 400 hundred educational and philanthropic institutions. In addition, Gruss Life Monument funds has made more than 14,000 interest free mortgages to Former Soviet Olim in Israel, and over 150 interest free loans of $500,000 each to Jewish Education Institutions throughout the world. CIJE programs are in 170 schools across fourteen states. CIJE programs aim to maximize the teaching and learning of general and Judaic studies in Jewish school curriculum.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Cury was the Controller of UJA-Federation of New York.

Mr. Cury is a CPA who received an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Hofstra University. Mr. Cury’s wife, Hannah, is a social worker.  Jason and Hannah live in Scarsdale, New York. They have two children. Their daughter Jennifer, is an early childhood teacher at Westchester Day School. Their son Brian, is a vice president at Barclay’s Bank.

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Westchester Day School is a Modern Orthodox, co-educational, dual-curriculum, toddler to 8th grade Jewish school that inspires and educates our students in their own way to value menschlichkeit, mitzvot, and lifelong learning.