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DID YOU KNOW that our School Psychologist, Dr. Naomi Adler, and Social Worker, Mrs. Suzie Marder, inform the WDS community about relevant Student Support topics and events in periodic email updates titled, WDS DID YOU KNOW? Access past versions below and feel free to contact Dr. Adler at nadler@westchesterday.org or Mrs. Marder at smarder@westchesterday.org, with any questions.  

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  • Did You Know? November 2017 (10th Edition)

    Did you know that after its successful initiation last year, the WDS Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program in grades 1-5 has recently begun again? Led by Suzie Marder, WDS Social Worker and assisted in some classes by Amy Kirschenbaum, Girls PE Teacher (who is also a Social Worker), this program includes weekly sessions following a research-based curriculum that focuses on developing self-awareness and regulation strategies that support social emotional growth, applicable to the classroom, school and beyond. In order to continue to integrate the SEL sessions into the fabric of each classroom, teachers are integral collaborators and reinforce concepts and strategies taught throughout the week.  Stay tuned for the parent educational session which will be scheduled in the winter to introduce the SEL program to parents and offer them related tools to use at home. 
    Did you know that as part of our ongoing efforts to focus on responsible digital citizenship, Dr. Adler, Mrs. Marder and Mrs. Ament met with each Middle School class to review in depth the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that students and parents sign at the start of school that delineates the WDS guidelines for technology use? The lively discussion reinforced our awareness of the importance of this topic. Specific emphasis was focused on identification and prevention of cyberbullying and sending/receiving inappropriate photos and/or videos.
    Did you know that the WDS Code of Conduct includes guidelines about the use of fidget tools in school? Some students, but certainly not all, benefit from doing something with their hands in order to improve their focus, particularly during listening/discussion times. However, the current fidget toy fad is not helpful for effective learning. Fidget tools that are appropriate for school settings must meet certain criteria. They need to be noiseless, not distracting to others, and able to be manipulated without looking at them. We have several different kinds of school-approved fidget tools in Dr. Adler’s office. If a student might benefit from using one under certain circumstances, the student or parent must speak to the teacher, Dr. Adler, or the Assistant Principal. Students are not allowed to bring in and use during class their own fidget toys, including spinners.
    Did you know that we offer a range of programs to support the development of executive functioning skills for WDS students? GoodStart provides organizational, study skill, and learning support for some 4th and 5th graders beginning at 8 am five days a week.  NextStep provides executive functioning support two mornings a week for select students in 6th and 7th grade. After school homework club provides the opportunity for students in grades 3-8 to complete homework and work on long term projects and test preparation in a supervised setting with a focus on developing executive functioning skills. If you are interested in any of these programs for your children, please let us know.    
    Did you know that if you are consulting with professionals outside of WDS about your child for learning, behavioral, and/or psychological reasons, it is most effective if you arrange for us to communicate with them?  You can do this by signing a consent form available at http://www.westchesterday.org/Page/Academics/Student-Support/Records-Consent-Form.  If the consulting professional requires that forms be completed, they should be given to Dr. Adler, who will process them with the teachers and return them. Please allow up to two weeks for that process, although it often can be done sooner.  Teachers are not able to accept these forms directly.  
    Student Support Services
    Dr. Naomi Adler, Director of Student Support Services
    Mrs. Suzie Marder, WDS Social Worker
    Mrs. Lauren Kaplan, Learning Center Coordinator
    As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at 698-8900, x122 for Dr. Adler, x121 for Mrs. Marder, or x412 for Mrs. Kaplan.  

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