WDS Mensch-A-Thon

Join us in our first ever MENSCH-A-THON. From the 2nd night of Pesach through Lag B’Omer we encourage our students and their families to perform at least one ‘menschy’ act a day, and self-report the act by noting it on a Mensch Log. A menschy act can be anything from saying please and thank you, to helping to cook dinner for Shabbat. For more ideas, please see our suggested Mensch acts calendar.
To promote the WDS Mensch-a-thon and share the pride that comes along with being a mensch we hope you’ll publicize your Menschy acts on social media! We will post"Mensch Photos" daily on the WDS Facebook page. Click the PHOTO SHARE button to the right to email us your pictures and get a shout out on our page. We also encourage you to post pictures or videos with the hashtags #wdsmensch or #makingmensches.
Join the WDS family in making the first 33 days of the Omer full of meaning and menschlichkeit!

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Westchester Day School is a Modern Orthodox, co-educational, dual-curriculum, toddler to 8th grade Jewish school that inspires and educates our students in their own way to value menschlichkeit, mitzvot, and lifelong learning.