List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What tuition assistance options does WDS offer?

    WDS offers an income-based tuition cap program. We are very proud of this program, which has allowed about 70% of WDS families who receive tuition assistance to do so in a streamlined manner without completing a scholarship application. The only required documentation is a Form 1040. Since we implemented this program in 2019, Jewish day schools around the country have reached out to us for assistance setting up similar programs. For families that require greater assistance, we also offer a traditional scholarship application process.
  • Q. How does the income-based tuition cap program work?

    If your adjusted gross income (AGI) is $260,000 or less, you pay a flat, all-inclusive fee for each enrolled child, according to the following schedule. 

    Ganon Tots
     Ganon (Tot's tastic, 3's and 4's)
    1st Grade
    2nd & 3rd Grade
    4th & 5th Grade
    6th, 7th & 8th Grade

    If your AGI is over $260,000, our proven formula caps your total day school tuition obligation as a percentage of your AGI (up to a 40% discount) We take into account high school tuitions as well, and your obligation to WDS is a pro rata share of the capped amount. Use our online tuition calculator to determine your WDS obligation based on your AGI, the grades of your children enrolled at WDS, and any yeshiva high school obligations you have.
  • Q. What documentation is required to participate in the income-based tuition cap program?

    Just the 1040 forms from the past two years. All financial information is kept in strict confidence.
  • Q. Is there an asset test for the income-based tuition cap program?

    No. The program is based entirely on AGI (adjusted gross income).
  • Q. Are the reductions under the income-based tuition cap program automatic?

    The reductions are subject to review and confirmation by WDS’s Executive Director and/or Scholarship Committee. Absent an unusual circumstance, the obligation is confirmed promptly, usually within a day or two.
  • Q. If I use the income-based tuition cap program, do I still have to pay a security fee?

    There is no separate security fee for those with AGI of $260,000 or less. The tuition schedule in this income range is all-inclusive. There is a $1,400 per family security fee for those with AGI over $260,000.

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